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You see, Breakthrough Advertising was a secret for way too many years.  For a long time, it was so hard to get and so in demand it was selling for close to a thousand dollars on Ebay.


Frankly, when word gets out that I’m giving this stuff away, there’s more than a few copywriting and marketing guru’s that’ll be gunning for me. For all I know, some ham-fisted enforcer might even try to shut me down.


So let’s get right to it. If you’ve got Eugene’s book...you need these Mind Maps now. If you haven’t sprung for the book yet...shame on you! Get your butt in gear and buy it right now!


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From time to time, I'll share some of my other killer mind maps with you.  I've got mind maps of some of the classic copy books available.  Plus, I'll share mind maps I made at some of the seminars of the world's greatest minds of copy. The charge?  There is none.


So far, members of my list have received mindmaps from Eugene Schwartz, John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy and there are many more to come.


You get an advanced training in direct marketing PLUS my personal "Cliff Notes" for remembering them - absolutely.


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